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Saint Seraphim Memorial Page
This is a memorial to our loved ones.
A place to honor those who touched our lives.

May we remember our loved ones in prayer,
and may their souls, through the mercy of God,
rest in peace. Amen.

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Reposed in the year 2000

  1. Archbishop Charles David Luther, SGS: Reposed January 2000. "Abp. David of Altoona was a founder and the primate of the Western Orthodox Church of America; and founder and Superior General of the Servants of the Good Shepherd religious order. He converted me to Holy Orthodoxy and later on it was he who ordained me to the Sacred Presbyterate. He was my father in Christ and I owe him a debt that cannot be repaid. May God grant him peace, rest, and joy in a place of repose. MEMORY ETERNAL!" Submitted by Abp. Denis.

  2. Frances Dolan. Reposed February 2000. "Frances Dolan, beloved mother of Abp. Paul Vincent Dolan, OSB of Norfolk. After an extended illness, Mrs. Dolan reposed in Christ, peacefully in her sleep. A wonderful lady, she will be sorely missed. MEMORY ETERNAL!" Submitted by Abp. Denis.

  3. Herman Prag. Reposed June 2000. "Herman Prag, beloved by his family and surrounded by them at his peaceful repose in Christ, was 94 and blessed by seeing his great-grandchildren. A good and decent man, sorely missed by family and friends alike." Submitted by Abp. Denis.

  4. Paul Lytle. Reposed July 2000. "Beloved father ..." Submitted by Leslie Miscevic.

  5. Virginia McDonald. Reposed July 22, 2000. "Please pray for the repose of the soul of Virginia McDonald. Beloved Great Aunt. May it please God to grant her rest and repose in a place where there is no sorrow, pain or grief." Submitted by Metr. David.

Reposed in the year 1999

  1. Helen Milano: "Please pray for the repose of the soul of Helen Milano, Feb. 27, 1920 - Oct. 25, 1999. Mother and grandmother of an extended family; beloved of God, she died peacefully in her sleep. May her soul, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen". Submitted by Abp. Denis.

  2. Abp. Alexis Rosevich: "A past Primate of the Church and one of my dearest friends and confidantes, known to many as "Uncle Al" because of his ability to become like family within minutes after meeting someone new, he was a great witness to the love of Christ. He was one of the pillars of our Church. Memory Eternal!" Submitted by Abp. Denis.

  3. Ruth D. Beemer: "May she have rest and repose in the presence of God. A place where there is no sorrow or pain". Submitted by her son, David.

  4. Col. Stephen Schneider: "He crashed, while flying in his vintage F-86 sabre jet. He was one of the finest, most generous, God-fearing men that I had the distinct honor of flying with in A-1-J's out of the Royal Thailand Air Force Base, Udorn, Thialand 1967-68. He has left a hole in my heart, and his passing reduces the original 35 volunteers to four! I shall miss him, dearly!" Submitted by Abp. Paul Stoms.

  5. Gretchen VanSkike-Campbell: "A God-loving woman, mother of two teenage girls, who died too young, 43 years young. The pain is now gone." Submitted by her friend, LuAnn MacQueen.

  6. Rev. Fr. Ilce Miovski: "Fr. Ilce, senior priest of St. Clement of Ohcrid Macedonian Orthodox Church in Toronto, Ontario, was killed on March 21st by a drunk driver who was being pursued by Police. Fr. Ilce was on his way home from a pastoral visit; he died instantaneously. Fr. Ilce of Toronto - Memory Eternal!" Submitted by Abp. Denis.

  7. Sandy Sheu: "May the Lord grant her peace, and welcome her in His arms." Submitted by Sandy.

  8. Teresa Ferrioli: "Wife, mother, and (young) grandmother, Terri's love for our Lord, His Mother, and the People of God never wavered, even in the face of leukemia. Memory eternal!" Submitted by Fr. Gregory.

  9. Brenda Boehm, M.D. "Brenda, a Family Practice Resident, was killed in an auto accident while returning from a hospital rotation in a nearby community. May she rest in peace." Submitted by Fr. Gregory.

Reposed in the year 1998

  1. Charles Burns: "May Charles' soul and those of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Let light perpetual shine upon him." Submitted by Fr. Gregory.

  2. Harriett Ripperger: "Mother of Matushka Deborah, reposed in Christ, fortified by the Holy Sacraments. Harriett was for several years a member of our parish. May Almighty God have mercy on her soul and on all the souls of the faithful departed, through Christ our Lord. Amen." Submitted by Abp. Denis.

  3. Andrew J. Ports: "Andy, I know you are having a wonderful time in heaven but please look after me, mom, dad, Angie, Diane, and Danny. We all love you and miss you very much." Submitted by his sister, Chrissy Johnson.

  4. Charles Peter Fischer: "Devoted Husband and Loving Father Whom I was Proud to call DAD! Reposed Sept. 4th 1998." Submitted by his son, Bro. Michael Fisher, OSB.

  5. Anne Cross:"Beloved and missed." Submitted by son-in-law, Gary.

  6. Zoltan Kucsan: "91 years was not long enough to have him with us." Submitted by Carol Durrenberger.

  7. Kathy Lenhardt:"Active in charity until her untimely death." Submitted by Fr. Patrick.

Reposed in the year 1997

  1. Robert Gehricke:Robert "Bob" Gehricke was a great man. He taught me and other Officers so much about life. I pray for his spirit and that Christ will grant him mercy and eternal peace. Amen. He died too young. Submitted by Br. James P. Akin, O.S.B.

  2. Donna Kozel Tatarchuk "To a great aunt who died before her time. May she be worthy of Heaven." Submitted by John Rossomando.

  3. Blanche Ivy:

  4. Margaret Feely:

Reposed in the year 1996

  1. Craig and Warren: "I pray for the souls of my son Craig who committed suicide, and my father Warren who had a heart attack both in the same week. I pray Our Lord God, and through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother Mary, that Craig, and Warren find peace and love in the arms of our Dear Father in Heaven. Amen." Submitted in loving memory by Sandy Heckendorf.

Reposed in the year 1991

  1. John Zang: "May God grant peace and eternal joy to my brother, who suffered in this world". Submitted by his sister, Lugene.

Reposed in the year 1988

  1. Mary Brennan: "Mary Brennan, the Mother of Bishop Peter Brennan of the Ecumenical Catholic Diocese of America, died on April 30, 1988. May she be filled with the beautiful vision of God. Amen." Submitted by her son, Bp. Peter Brennan.

  2. Monsignor Francis Walla: Msgr. Francis, Vicar-General of our Archdiocese of New York, reposed in Christ on Palm Sunday, 1988. Memory Eternal!". Submitted by Abp. Denis.

Reposed in the year 1987

  1. Abp. Francis Joseph Ryan: "Primate VII, reposed December 4, 1987, my predecessor and consecrator - Memory Eternal!" Submitted by Abp. Denis.

Reposed in the year 1986

  1. Brother Pat LeBlanc: "Brother Pat, one of the earliest members of our Church in Canada (EEOOC), lived in Campbelltown, New Brunswick. He reposed in April 1986, just after the Council of Baltimore. Memory Eternal!" Submitted by Abp. Denis.

Reposed in the year 1985

  1. Fr. Brian Miller: "one of the founding clergy of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, reposed in Christ in September 1985. Memory Eternal!". Submitted by Abp. Denis.

  2. Rev. Fr. Robert L. Davey, SGS.:"Fr. Robert Davey, one of the founding clergy of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, reposed in Christ in January 1985, a victim of cancer, before the diocese was fully established. Memory Eternal!" Submitted by Abp. Denis.

Reposed in the year 1976

  1. Rita Marie Mogren: "Eternal Rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let Perpetual Light shine upon her." Submitted by Fr. Joseph M. Bakko.

Reposed in the year 1974

  1. Timothy Cottrell: Tim, of Nebraska, who found Christ at the age of 20 in New Orleans, and was the quiet but shining light of our fellowship until he went to be with the Lord in December of 1974. He continues to be an inspiration to me. Submitted by Lugene Zang Recinos.

Reposed in the year 1973

  1. Robert F. Murray:"Career military man, who died too young. We all miss him." Submitted by brother, Thomas W. Murray.

Reposed in the year 1969

  1. Hugh Edwin Prestridge: "Reposed May 26, 1969 - Loving father. May God the Father almighty have mercy on his soul. May he rest in peace." Submitted by son, Bro. David Prestridge, OSB.

Reposed in the year 1960

  1. Philias Jacques "A devoted husband and loving father who worked extremely hard all his life to sustain and support his family. May his soul and the souls of the faithful departed rest in the love and peace of our Savior Jesus Christ." Submitted by his son, Rev. Roland D. Jacques.

Reposed in the year 1956

  1. Thomas Henry Murray: Submitted by son, Thomas.

Reposed in the year 1949

  1. Esther Hokanson: "She gave to others all her life, and was loved by many." Submitted by her son, Thomas W. Murray.

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